Sunday, June 05, 2011

Maybe Summer Will Get Here??!!

Today has been the first day to make me believe there really will be a a summer.  Warm and sunny, but not too hot.  We decided to make some ice cream to celebrate. . . 

Shannon is adding crushed gingersnaps to our peach-gingersnap frozen yogurt; behind her is the machine that has the vanilla ice cream.  Something for every taste!

I also got some sewing done.  I made good progress on the June Tangled Textiles piece, and figured out a technical issue- at least in my head!  For once, I am not using my hand dyed fabric.  All these lovely commercial prints seemed to fit the bill for my idea better.

Another work week- it would be nice if the improvement in the weather energized me enough to do some sewing in the evenings!!

1 comment:

Judy said...

The ice cream sounds divine...and your fabrics look exciting!
I can send you some seasonable weather if you'd like. We've had quite enough for now, thank you!