Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shop Hopping

I spent all day yesterday in Salt Lake with some of my WAQ friends.  It was the Wasatch Front Shop Hop.  We only went to some of the stores in Salt Lake- the entire shop hop encompasses stores from Brigham City, north of Ogden, to Springville close to where I live.  To much territory to cover in day!  We eliminated the mostly traditional shops, and proceeded to have fun looking at what is out there.

It was obvious to me that I haven't been in a quilting store looking at fabric in a very long time.  Some of the stores had nice selections of batiks- most of which left me feeling ho-hum.  I guess my love affair with them is over!  I was rather amazed at all the bright, graphic modern prints that are available now.  They are perfect for simple designs that showcase the fabric rather than the piecing.  Not for art quilts, that is for sure.  But they will be fun when I finally get to making a quilt for Michelle.

I found some sale fabric that I'm going to make a blouse from- here it is, along with fabrics I got in Reno in May, also for clothes.

The one to the furthest left is the one I picked up for $3 a yard on sale yesterday, the other three are fabrics I got in Reno.  That pink and purple print is a Loni Rossi design, the first shirt I'll make and hopefully complete this weekend,.

I also picked up these wonderful prints done with typewritten letters- love them!

I haven't a clue what I will do with them, I just know they will find their way into a quilt at some point.  They've been added to my already large collection of black and white prints.

I'm now off to cut out a shirt from the Loni Rossi print in the first photo, then out to find a pattern for the one I got yesterday- I decided the princess-seamed shirt pattern I have wouldn't work so well with that print which is almost a stripe.  I have a pound cake to make for Father's Day, and gifts to wrap.  I'd also like to take the dog for a walk or make it to the gym, but we'll see.  Hope your weekend is a creative one!


nicolette said...

What’s not to love about black and white fabrics with printed letters on it! Luscious!

JB said...

Sounds like you have an ambitious weekend planned and that you are at the top of your game!!

Rian said...

You fell out of love with batiks!? Say it ain't so!