Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Still Here,. . . .

although I may be missing a few brain cells.  Let me explain.

I sewed over the weekend.  I helped Shannon make a simple skirt with the fabric we bought in Reno.  I had to fit her- and she's built very differently from me!- and change the skirt so it didn't have a zipper.  Done, and the skirt turned out fine.

I found some 100% cotton interlock knit for a top.  I finally bought a pattern I've been eyeballing for a very long time.  Simple, I should have been able to finish it in a couple of hours.  But no, I spent more time unsewing than sewing.  I used a double needle to turn the hems on the neck and armholes- but didn't catch the edges.  Then I sewed the shoulders together, right side to wrong side.  Unsew some more.  At that point, I gave it up for the night.

I came back to it the next day, and managed to sew the rest without mishap.  But the fabric is too heavy for the pattern, and I don't like the way the deep V neck gaps.  So this top will get tossed on a pile of never to be finished clothing items.  I may play with ways to stabilize the neck, but that will be it.

Then I decided to finish the blouse I'd started the week before.  I got the buttonholes done- no huge issues, other than my sort-of automatic buttonhole foot for my Bernina wasn't cooperating.  No biggie, I can do it manually!  I finished those, then started sewing the buttons on.  Three on, two ripped off- the shank was pointing the wrong way.  Sewed them back on, then tried to button the blouse.  The middle one is off, and will need to be done AGAIN.  At that point, I quit.  And I haven't been down to the studio since!

Maybe it will go better watching the Wimbledon matches.  I can only hope.


upstateLisa said...

no photos of the top?

Karoda said...

i would rather have a tooth pulled than sew something practical lol...but i admire your attempts greatly :)

Judy said...

You know, I am almost to the point of not sewing garments any longer - like Karoda, I'd almost rather have a tooth pulled! But then along comes a pattern i just can't resist, and I'm bakc at it again....what is wrong with us anyway????? LOL