Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Fourth!

We did most of our celebrating on Saturday, heading up to Scofield where friends have a home on the lake.  We visit, drink, eat (too much), and finish off the evening sitting in their yard watching the fireworks over the lake.  A really fun day!!

But I have also been spending lots of time in the studio.  I made more card holder for DIL Marly--

I dyed a piece of silk I bought on my recent trip to Reno.  I really had to think about what color to do, since the fabric wasn't white.  I finally decided on a pastel green.  I was really happy how it turned out.  There's patterning, but it is subtle.  It will make a gorgeous summer blouse.

I made a tee with some cotton knit I bought- a vibrant lime green.  I think I have found my new favorite top pattern!  Three pieces (front, back, and neckband), and two hours start to finish.  Love it!  The vee is deep, so if I want to wear it to work, I"ll just wear a cami under it.

I made some beaded jewelry- I've been wanting something in green.  I think this necklace and earrings go great with the top!

And I am reconsidering finishing the lavender top I started last weekend.  I think I can salvage it with some buttons to hold the gapping edges of the front.  What do you think?

I will make the pattern again, but with a lighter weight knit, and something on the edge of the V to stabilize it.  I've already got a hot pink cotton/lycra knit, and found some twill tape in my sewing stash.  Maybe next weekend?

I've also got the white cotton/lycra knit I bought in Reno for a song.  I'm thinking I'm going to parfait dye it in my favorite combination (gold, fuschia, purple) in pale tones, and make three of that first top with them.  So I think I've already got my next weekend's projects planned!


Debra Spincic said...

You could pin the blouse where you would put the buttons and see if that works.

upstateLisa said...

gorgeous colors! I love your v neck. Wish I could sew those!

Rayna said...

You look beauti-ful in that green blouse with the green beads!! Lucky you that you can SEW. I will miss you this week but hope to see you again somewhere in the future.

Your dyed silks are great, too!

Gina said...

I can see why you're going to be using that pattern a lot more, it sure looks great on you!