Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two Minute Chocolate Cake

Need a quick chocolate fix?  Shannon has purchased some cookbooks in preparation for moving out on her own next month.  She found one published by the Food Network, and we've already sampled some good recipes from it.

The dessert section is really interesting.  No complicated recipes, but a lot of simple ideas and single portions.  She decided to try the Instant Chocolate Cake- mixed in a coffee cup, and baked in the microwave!!  Five minutes from start to finish, and we were eating warm chocolate cake with whipped cream  Yum!!

The portion size is pretty large, we shared it and probably could have split it three ways.  Next time I think I'd cook it in small ramekins (at least 3), and cut down on the cooking time.

The book is Great Easy Meals if you're interested.  We made the Moo Shu pork over the weekend, and everyone enjoyed it.  I may have to pick up my own copy when Shannon leaves with hers!!


Rian said...

That would be a very dangerous recipe indeed.

I am all about quick 'n easy meals these days. I'm done with cooking. I'll take a look at that book.

What Comes Next? said...

I love that chocolate cake in a mug - it is so easy and so good! I have to be careful though - my husband is not a fan of chocolate, so I end up eating it all! Special treat time only

Feather on a Wire said...

That's almost evil. I can smell the chocolate from here and you didn't give us the recipe...
This is probably a good thing.