Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Quilty Road Trip

I thought I would be quilting on the holiday Monday- but no such luck.  My Juki decided it wanted to eat whatever thread I fed it.  So I was thankful that the Bernina shop with the sewing machine doc was open.  I dropped her off, and I'm really hoping to have her back by the weekend.

So for now, we have more of the quilts from our road trip to Brigham City.  These are the other artists that were part of the exhibit.

Melody Randol is a Colorado artist who belongs to the same art quilt group I do, AQuA.  She's from the Denver area, but had so much fun teaching in Grand Junction that she joined the group.  And one of her pieces was my favorite in the exhibit- Tall Grass.

This one just draws you in to have a closer look- is that really a tiger?  Subtle, interesting, wonderful color- it had it all.

Melody had some others in the exhibit, also.

Underground Story

Glacier, 2011

Jinny Lee Snow is a Utah artist- I've seen her work at the Springville Art Museum a couple of times.  This piece just jumps off the wall, the color is so vibrant.

Dianna Grundhauser from Maui had some pieces that caught my eye.  I loved the simplicity of this one- the batik background was perfect, and the understated quilting set off the flowers perfectly.  She calls this one 'Naupaka.'

I didn't catch the name of this one, but I do remember that she pieced almost the entire quilt using Ruth McDowell's method.  Only the little purple flowers are appliqued.  I loved the checkerboard border and how well it sets off the flowers and leaves!

So those are the quilts that caught my eye at the exhibit.  Wish me luck getting my machine back before the weekend!


upstateLisa said...

hope your machine is well soon!

Debra Spincic said...

lovely quilts and so well done with all the batiks.

Rian said...

Beautiful works, all of 'em. Hope you get your machine back soon!