Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Quilty Road Trip

This is a long weekend in Utah, so I decided to take a road trip.  There is a small art museum in Brigham City, which is about twenty five miles north of Ogden and about an hour and a half drive from my home.  There is an exhibit there featuring Lenore Crawford, with quilts exhibited by others also.  Since Shannon had the day off from work also, I had her and Bentlee for company.

It was fun to watch Shannon's reaction to one quilt, since it was depicting a scene in Annecy, France- a place she visited a couple of years ago.

(If the pictures aren't the best, it is because they were taken with Shannon's Droid.  Stupid me assumed they wouldn't allow pictures, so I didn't take my camera.  Note to self- don't assume, take the thing!!)

There were also some that I immediately recognized, since they've been published.

I was surprised to see that she creates the backgrounds of her floral quilts out of two-inch squares of fabric.  This one, however, was different.  The flower was created and then appliqued to a Ricky Tims' hand-dye.

The exhibit is small, but I'm glad I went up.  They are even giving away neat posters of the exhibit with the Annecy quilt- I grabbed a couple, intending to frame one for the studio.

There were other beautiful quilts, but those are for another post.

I have also been doing quilty stuff today.  That blue cotton knit that spent time in a turquoise dye bath last weekend got another layer today, this time with paint.  I loved the effect this created!!

I like that it tones down the green even more than the turquoise dyebath did.  The printing tool was incredibly simple---

It is rubber bands on a piece of foam core.  I finally got around to using an idea in Print and Stamp Lab by Traci Bunkers.  She has some cool ideas for making simple printing tools.

So now I wait for the paint (Speedball Screenprinting Ink for Fabric, opaque white) to dry, then heat set it.  Then a couple of hours of sewing, and I will have another unique tee to wear!!

Ah, one more day of weekend tomorrow.  I plan to start quilting on my next challenge piece for Tangled Textiles.  I'm hoping my idea looks as good in the execution as it does in my head!!


What Comes Next? said...

Those quilts are just spectacular! Oh how I wish I had that kind of skill! I will just keep on practicing. I love how your fabric has turned out - did you stamp with your rubber bands and foam core, or brush the paint on with it? Great effect!

upstateLisa said...

What a display of quilts! I have been to Annecy too, about 1972! Love your new fabric!!!

Renate said...

Oh those quilts are absolutely lucsious. Love the printing tool technique and the resulting fabric. I read somewhere that a potato masher also makes a great printing tool! Huh, who would have "thunk" it?

Kay said...

Deja vu about that Annecy quilt! I never heard of that place before although I've spent quite a bit of time in France, and now here it is again!

I really like that cotton knit. Beautiful combination of color and printing design. In the painting class I took on line (and did nothing with :( that was one of the suggested tools.

Vicki said...

Such gorgeous quilts! I am going to the stitches and craft fair tomorrow, sure I'll see a few too.
Love the dyeing and painting!

dq said...

Thanks so so much for posting these fabulous photos. I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at them!!

I dream of making quilts like these.