Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's almost Friday!!

And for me, that means my weekend is starting, since I work 4 ten hour days. Hopefully, I will get the blouse sewn that I cut out last night. It's a summer blouse, and we haven't had a lot of summer weather yet. We are waiting impatiently, it is late in the spring to be so cool. And I'm sure we'll wish for these temperatures when we get the 90's for days on end.

I got my most recent quilt project done- I decided I didn't like one set of beads I'd put on, so I ripped them out and found others in colors I think look better. This quilt is going in a book, so I won't post an entire picture- but here's a detail shot of a small portion of it.

The fabrics are my hand-dyes. I have rarely used satin stitching on applique quilts, preferring raw edge most of the time- but I like the crisp look it gives on this piece. So, overall I am happy with it.

And, how about some family pictures? Our cat sheds horribly, and we've found that bathing her helps the problem. We use the laundry sink in my dye room. For a cat, Anabelle is relatively cooperative- but the look on her face tells all.

All Shannon has to do is pick her up and carry her downstairs, and she knows what is coming. She doesn't yowl, she doesn't use her back claws to scratch, but you know it isn't her favorite thing. And, she does let us know with her body language that she is not happy with us, for awhile at least! For all her looks and attitude afterwards, Anabelle is easier than Sadie, who weighs 60-plus pounds and barely fits in the laundry tub. We noticed a new business going up in Provo- a "doggie wash", where they have the tub and tools just for dog washing without breaking your back. I think we will be checking it out.

Meanwhile, the weekend is here, so let the sewing begin!!

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Karoda said...

just checking to see what is happening in your area weather-wise...hope all is well.