Sunday, June 01, 2008

I love it. . .

when I can look back and check off tasks and projects completed. This weekend has been a good one- I not only finished the small quilts I've been working on, but my studio is cleaned out and re-organized. And I still have Sunday left!!

The small work will be in a book- I won't say any more until publication, and I don't know when that's scheduled. This project already has me looking around my home figuring out where I could hang a similar piece, and what colors would work. Might even try my stash of metallic threads, which look spectacular with this type of quilting.

My stash closet is done- I got the shelves from Ikea, cut them down, and even had enough of the uprights left to make another long, low shelf just by buying a 1 X 12 and the hardware. I've gone through my big bins, pulled out stuff that I'm not likely to use,and designated for the garage sale. My church is holding a series of garage sales to raise money to buy a building for a congregation in Uganda, and we've been slowly sorting through our home to collect for it. The dye room table is still stacked with all the items I'll be donating.

Anyway, here's the closet, cleaned out with everything accessible and easy to get. I LOVE being able to see all my fabric at a glance!

I took my cone threads out of a drawer, and mounted them on the wall by my Bernina. My growing stash of threads required another thread holder, so that was mounted on the right wall. I have some room for more thread, but not a ton!!

And look what I found for my beads! It's a simple little carousel with six bins that attach around the side. There's another bin for beads on top, and more storage under that. I was able to get almost all my beads in it, nicely sorted by color. Shows immediately where my holes are (purples), and makes it easy to see at a glance what you have. The only downside is the single lid on the bins instead of individual lids on the compartments. The little stacking containers to the right are the only ones I couldn't get in the new system.

Even with all the de-cluttering and 'stuff' reduction, I did get some goodies for surface design. Our subdivision had a lot of garage sales this weekend, and I found these stamps at one. Too cool to resist!

I also entered the 21st century- I now own an iPod, purchased at the same garage sale that had the stamps. A nice little iPod Shuffle that I can wear around my neck or clip to my belt. I'm still a techno-dummy when it comes to music, so Shannon downloaded some of my CD's to iTunes and loaded the iPod for me. We'll see if having the music improves my free motion quilting!

And, I'm finishing the final steps to getting my small private practice off the ground. I have space, my LLC is registered with the state, I got my business license with the city, and my business cards arrived. The last step is getting the malpractice insurance, also in progress. Scary but exciting!

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Karoda said...

great stamps you got there! i have my eye on wire drawers from IKEA for my fabrics...but visibility and accessibility are important to me also.

congrats on time managed this weekend! what is your private practice?