Monday, June 16, 2008

Three-Day Weekend Doings!!

It was a nice weekend, made even better by the lovely weather. It is finally starting to seem like summer- warm weather and sunshine. All the green we have is balm for my eyes, I never tire of looking at all the wonderful shades and variations of that color. It's no accident that green is a large portion of my fabric stash!

Friday I got together with my small group, the Wasatch Art Quilters. We just had a nice, relaxing workday. I started on a thread embroidery with water soluble stabilizer, Sidney played with Shiva paintstiks, Jalaine and Kathleen worked on projects, and Suzanne has a piece on the design wall. We encourage, critique, laugh, and just enjoy being with others who share the same passion. Here's three of the group, playing or working away--

Saturday night DJ and I went to a concert here in Spanish Fork- classic country. Here is an example of the cultural divide that exists between us at times. I grew up in southern California, and listened almost exclusively to rock and roll. I loved the Beatles and all the others that performed in the sixties and early seventies. Country? I'm not even sure I knew it existed, and would have blown it off as music for hicks.

He, on the other hand, grew up in Utah, and listened to country a LOT. He didn't like most of the rock and roll then, and still doesn't now. Tanya Tucker has been the love of his life for years and years.

Clearly, we come from two very different musical paradigms. My musical world has expanded greatly since my teen years, but I've only had occasional flirtations with country, none that lasted any length of time. He has remained a steadfast fan of the country music from the 60's, 70's, and maybe 80's. So when the classic country radio station puts together a show of performers from that era, he's there. Me, I'm along for the ride.

This year we had six or seven different singers. One has been around so long, he talked about performing at a dance at BYU in Provo in 1954!!!! I'd never heard of any of them, except for one who was at the concert last year.

One really caught my eye, however. He definitely did NOT look like your typical country singer, more reminded me of Doc from the Back to the Future movies. And he could sing!! Click on the picture, you'll see what I mean--

I think his name is T. Graham Brown. DJ knew him, he's done some duets with his beloved Tanya. His singing has a rough edge to it that I like, not a smooth crooner. All in all, it was a nice evening of music under the stars and moon.

And I'll end this with a family pet picture. Annabelle is our cat, who can be alternately psychocat running around the house, and lovey-dovey sit in your lap cat. She also has a fondness for strange sleeping surfaces, including human.

I couldn't resist snapping this picture of Ana sleeping on Shannon, happily perched on her side. Can't speak to how comfortable Shannon finds it!

I'll be working on the threadwork embroidery more this week. Hope yours is creative and productive also!

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