Sunday, June 22, 2008

Winding down. . .

The weekend is about over, I'm just playing on the computer waiting for dinner to finish cooking. The ironing of the work clothes is done, my hair colored for another six weeks, even the dog is freshly bathed!!

I do have some sewing content, just not quilt related. I had TWO coupons for JoAnn's that had to be used this weekend, so I got some cottons to make a couple of shirts. One of them is almost done, just need to do the hems, buttonholes, and buttons. Shannon snapped my picture trying it on- all with a look on her face that said "I can't believe you are going to wear that in public!!"

I love red, I love batiks- so why not a red batik shirt? It will go great with a red necklace and earrings my daughter-in-law Marly made.

Our friend Patty, the wildlife rehabber, invited us to a barbeque at her house last night. DJ couldn't go, so Shannon and I went, with Sadie in tow. She love playing with Patty's dog Jackson, and feels right at home with all the animals.

Ben was there with his new golden eagle. This one is young, and only a month out of the wild. He handled all the people around him very well. I never cease to be amazed at how magnificent eagles are when you have the opportunity to see them up close.

Ben also brought out the ring tail cat, as they are commonly known- don't ask me the official name. These are actually native to Utah, unlike racoons.

But the best of all was the fawn, brought in from a small town to the south after she was found on the side of the road, a dead doe not too far away. She is less than a month old, and smaller than Sadie, our border collie.

She was a little skittish of all the attention she got, but took to the bottle with relish. I'd never heard a deer make any kind of noise, but she was making little squeaking noises while she nursed on the bottle. I'm not sure what will happen to her, but it doesn't seem likely she'll be able to be released.

And it's not just the animals at Patty's that are interesting, I also learn a ton just by listening. Never a dull moment there, and good food to boot.

After a long, cool spring, summer has finally hit here with a vengeance. We had 90 degree days most of last week, and the same for the coming week. What I would love, a long stretch of 80 degree days. Not too likely now.


Karoda said...

Bev, me and my daughter give one another "the look" regularly...I love your red batik shirt and you look good in it!

i'm a urban woman so the day at your friends just sound so adventurous and fun to me.

Anonymous said...

The red jacket it wonderful!! Enjoy wearing it. Every time I put on something bright and cheerful (work requires subdued stuff, mainly black) my younger son rolls his eyes and says: "It's red hot mamma time again!"