Saturday, January 02, 2010

Frog and Chaos

I came in late to a 12 by 12 group- I got December's word done, then started working on one of the past words. Hopefully I will get them all done before May, when the entire group's work will be exhibited at the Home Machine Quilting Show in Salt Lake.

December's word was Chaos. I went beyond the dictionary meaning, and did something that feels chaotic to me- freeways.

I used discharged and overdyed fabric I had in my stash. I really had fun with this one, and think I will play with the idea again in a larger size.

The past word I decided to make was Frog. As a confirmed foodie (although I leave most of it to Shannon anymore), what else could I do but Frog Legs?

All I could think about with that word was Doc Hopper's Fried Frog Legs from the Muppet Movie. Here's a detail of the threadwork I did, and the background quilting.

Next on the list is working on the first challenge for Interpret This! I've got a couple of samples to do to see what happens with discharge and solvent transfer before I work on the piece itself.

What have you been up to lately?


Rayna said...

The freeways piece doesn't look chaotic to me but it is terrific. Enjoy your challenges! I'm doing therapy sewing. Happy New Year, Beverly.

Karoda said...

Freeways in an unfamiliar city, ugh, I so get it. Rayna drives in Jersey and New York...where you would have to peel me off the steering wheel!

Jane Macdermott said...

i really like the freeways piece, the colours look good together. The frogs legs look like frogs legs :) I am working on a quilt for a competition that the first prize is $5000! So go me :)

Libby Fife said...

Great pieces. Freeways are hideous to me so your first piece really resonates:)

Quilt or Dye said...

I love both of those pieces! Good luck on getting caught up with the 12 by 12.