Friday, January 01, 2010

A New Decade. . .

It's also the last year I will be able to say I am in my fifties. Turning fifty felt ok, I celebrated that one- but sixty? That just sounds OLD!! Ah well, I have a year to get used to the idea.

Well, if I'd had my act together, I'd have some thoughtful, well- written insights and musings about the last year. Obviously, I don't have my act together. The last two weeks of December always feels like a sprint to me, a chaotic one at that- by the time we get to New Year's, my brain is pretty much toast.

I did see one idea I really like on Terry Grant's blog. She did a cool slideshow of pictures from the past year, everything from her work to family. I thought about doing one, then decided it would take me all night- especially if I tried to link it with music like she did. So, that didn't happen. I hope I remember it for next year, but given my memory lapses of late- who knows!

We went to First Night in Provo for the New Year's celebration. We didn't make it to midnight, but did enjoy some good music and dancing. These Latin ladies and gentlemen could really move!

My favorites, however, were the bagpipe band.

They played Scottish tunes, then changed some instruments and treated us to Irish music- which we couldn't hear nearly as well as the bagpipes.

I had my new (to me) telephoto lens on my camera, and learned that this lens is probably best used outside. And, you can tell that the lighting in the mall was not all that hot for photography.

Today, I've been down in the studio most of the day, with football on in the next room. It must go back to my childhood, but the one thing I associate New Year's Day with is college football. So, now I'm watching the Rose Bowl and rooting for Oregon to TROMP Ohio State. Woody Hayes made me a diehard anti-Ohio State a long time ago.

Anyway, back to the studio. I have a second piece for my Twelve by Twelve group about done. If all goes well, I'll finish the background quilting tonight after we go out to dinner.

And, navigate over to the Twelve by Twelve Project blog to see the latest theme. The word for this theme was 'Chaos'- I managed to get mine done early enough that I was the first poster. I came onboard midway of this group, and will try to do a piece for the themes that have already been completed. They are all supposed to be displayed as a group at this year's Home Machine Quilting show in Salt Lake.

Here's hoping that 2010 is a good year for you and yours!


Judy said...

Happy New Year Dear Beverly!!!

I love bappipes too!

Looking forward to seeing much more beautiful works from you this next year!

Warm Hugs,

Karoda said...

Happy New Year to you! and you'll make your sixties look just as good as you did your fifties...hangeth in and happy stitching in 2010!