Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pieces of Me

If you want to know how I got from a green leprechaun to this,


you'll have to head over to the Interpret This! blog.  I'm pleased with how this came out, and think it really does reflect me.  Now I have a day to rest before the photo for February's challenge is posted!

I'm trying to complete the next 12 by 12 challenge, which is also due the end of February.  I decided to take a decidely un-Utah spin on this, so I hope the rest of the group has a sense of humor.  I got pieces cut out today, and hopefully will get the major components fused down tomorrow.
Shannon, Bentlee and I took the dogs- all three, we were gifted with a Chihuahua by a friend who decided she wasn't the right home for the dog yesterday.  At first we thought we'd walk up behind the windmills close to our home, but the wind was so bitingly cold we gave up that idea quickly.  So we drove up Diamond Fork Canyon, the same place Shannon and I went last weekend.  Except today we drove as far as the road was open, about a mile before the Red Ledges where I went rapelling last summer.  It was easy to walk, the snow was packed on the road surface.  We did take one detour over a bridge where the snow was deeper-


but when it got to the point that I couldn't take a step without going knee-deep in snow, we turned back.
We kept going on the road, probably walking a mile or so before turning around.  I could see the Red Ledges ahead of us-

 I love the clean look of the white snow against the red rocks!
Pita, the chihuahua, got tired and cold, and begged to be picked up.  Shannon wrapped her up in her jacket- the weather here was gorgeous, sunny, and no wind!


By this time, Sadie was even getting tired and taking rests in the snow.


The view looking south was gorgeous.


All in all, and nice break in the day.  We came home, warmed up, ate lunch, and I got to work on 'Blue.'

And I learned- when it is sunny and there is lots of snow around, USE THE NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER!!



Libby Fife said...

Oh my goodness! Such wonderful photos. Thank you.

I really can't imagine what an "un-Utah" spin on your piece is going to be so I can't wait to see that:)

Debra said...

Your last photo is really a nice composition!

Rian said...

What a beautiful place!

dj said...

Your latest quilting work is wonderful. I didn't realize you were an artist. I've been following the "Interpret This" blog and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I may even make one for myself once this year just for fun.