Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mid-weekend Musings

I have my 'Interpret This!' January piece almost done- just a bit more free motion quilting, the binding, and we're good. I think I'll be doing sleeves and labels all at once, I've got two other small pieces that need both. I can't post anything of the quilt itself, but here's my cutting table when I was done with the piecing--

The reveals start next week, mine is on Saturday afternoon. Come take a look!

Shannon and I took the dogs up the canyon for a run today. It was a bit of a challenge to find a place, since we had some snow last night and it got heavier the further we went. We finally found a place to park off the road, and started up the hill. I wanted to experiment with a neutral density filter I got for my camera- or, to put it in layman's terms- sunglasses for the camera. Here's the same picture, the first without the filter, and the second with.

Not the most interesting pictures, but it did make a difference. Without the filter, the sky is just blown out light; with it, there are some subtle differences in shading. And, the bush branches are definitely darker and more defined with the filter.

Looking back, it seems another storm may be blowing in--

Sadie and Shiloh had fun running in the snow- and it was deep enough, it wore them out quickly. Sadie may have the long coat, but Shiloh was the one who collected a coat of snowballs!

Tonight, the rest of the quilting. Maybe I can get another 12 by 12 piece done this week before we get the next photo for February's 'Interpret This!'


Kay said...

I love the colors you're using for your IT piece. Your comments about abstracting the portrait were interesting. I didn't even try to abstract mine. My husband likes it, which tells me it's literal to the nth degree! It's going to be interesting to see the reveals. Quite a range of styles and abstraction, I'm sure.

Debra said...

Next week is going to be fun!!

Libby Fife said...

Those photos really show some beautiful country. Thank you.

Love your color choices for the new piece and can't wait to see it:)

Jane Macdermott said...

I want your sewing desk :) That is so cool. I work off my dining table and I just love your desk.