Sunday, July 25, 2010

I haven't disappeared. . .

I've just been in Grand Junction for a couple of days, playing with other AQuA members.  I dyed a 66 piece set of color samples, and printed fabric- some deconstructed screenprinting, some just screenprinting.  And I finished that large rust dyed piece of fabric- it turned out awesome!

I never seem to remember to take pictures when all the action is going on.  We had about ten women, most of whom had dyed before.  But Beth (in this picture), never had- and she left with some wonderful fabric.

This table has the color samples it took me all day to complete- 4 inch squares.  Once I get them mounted on muslin or posterboard or something, I will have an invaluable color reference.  Ironing these will be part of the work today.

That shelving unit behind hold the most wonderful rusty objects- Jane has lots of them.

So now I am cleaning up in the studio and washing out the printed fabric after steaming it last night.  Pictures will follow later, but now there is work to be done!

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