Friday, July 02, 2010

July Already???

I can't believe it is July already- summer's half over, and we've only just started getting our hot summer weather.  Hopefully this will stick around for awhile, it's feeling good!

We are taking a month hiatus on Interpret This!- most of us have rather crazy schedules in July.  We do have the next photo, however, with the reveals starting in late August.  This one comes courtesy of Shannon when she traveled to Switzerland, France, and Italy a year ago--

We've had food, nature, interiors- so I went for something architectural.  This was one of three I submitted to the group coordinators for consideration, so I had no idea which would be chosen until yesterday.  I do love all the lines and shapes in this photo- playing with them to come up with a final design will be fun.  I've already done some work in PSE.

I must admit a partiality to another one I sent.  It was taken on my son's recent trip to Colombia to visit his wife's family.  Just think what  quilter could do with this!!

Get out the beads and embellishments!  I may have to try this one anyway, although there's another picture from Colombia I'll be doing first.

Now that I have some time, I'm spending this weekend making a couple of blouses for me.  I have a wrinkled gauze one cut out, and it won't take long to make.  If that one fits well, I'm making it again out of the Radiance I dyed last year.

Hope your Fourth is a safe and happy one.  We'll be heading up to Scofield again- although I will NOT be sending my camera for a swim in the river this year!!


Debra said...

This picture is dynamite!!! An embellisher's delight!

Kay said...

Like you, I'm glad to have an architectural photo. The two I submitted that weren't picked were buildings, so I'm glad one finally came up.