Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sewing for ME!!

When I was a teenager, I sewed almost all of my clothes.  Now it's something I do once in a very great while.  I have to alter the pattern, I no longer have a body that fits what those designers are doing.  And since I don't want to spend a lot of time on clothing, I pick simple patterns which require minimal alterations.

I have been at it since Thursday night.  Remember this piece I dyed last fall??

It's that yummy Radiance, the silk cotton blend.  I knew I wanted a top out of it, and it took me til now to find a pattern that would both do the fabric justice, and meet my criteria of simple and uncomplicated.

So Thursday night and Friday I made a top out of cotton crinkle gauze I got on sale to test out one pattern.  OK, I'll wear it- but I wasn't sure if I wanted to use this pattern for the Radiance.  (And, it reminded me of why I hate sewing on crinkle gauze!!) I found another pattern I like even better but with similar lines and features, so I made that out of a commercial batik I bought over a year ago.  Bingo!  I like the way it fits, and it will definitely look great out of the Radiance.

The Radiance is now cut out, ready to be sewn.  This fabric is beyond luscious- the silk side has a sparkle and sheen to it that I just love.  The colors glimmer, glow, and shift with the light.  I can't wait to wear it.

I've also got a length of cotton / linen in the dyepot, batching in the sun.  It will make a lovely summer jacket, with all the greens and blues of the season- and a bit of yellow for good measure.  Hopefully I'll get that washed out tonight!


Rayna said...

Be sure to take a picture of yourself in the Radiance and post it!!

Rian said...

Yeah--we wanna see this top!