Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just Ditzing Around. . .

My studio is still in disarray  after the water disaster- but the closet carpet is dry, has been re-stretched, and new baseboards are in place.  I can't move my fabric back into the closet until the carpet cleaners come on Monday- and then I'll have to wait 24 hours for it to dry, so probably not until Tuesday night.

I have done some dyeing and surface design, however.  I dyed ten onesies for a friend who wanted them for gifts--

(Yes, I did a little stamping on some of them too!)

I got a 30" X 36" piece of acrylic at Home Depot so I can do large monoprints, not just fat quarter size.  I have the first part of one done- I hope it will be good enough to use for a whole cloth quilt for an exhibition with AQuA this fall.

I also overdyed the ugly scarf I discharged last weekend.  I went for dark, with navy blue.  It didn't turn out as dark as I'd hoped it would be, but it will work.  Then I screened a coffee bean print in two sizes on it with discharge paste, and used the steam iron to activate the paste.  I got what I wanted, a dark scarf with areas where the yellow and pale blue show through.  Next to that scarf are two more rust dyed scarves.  I gave the first one as a gift, and it was a hit.  So one's for me, and the other is for a friend who's retiring this week.  Lucky her!

I'm thinking about rusting the light gold scarf I discharged last weekend- do some strategically applied contact prints.  I also ordered some tannin- we'll see what that does.

We're off to a friend's for a barbecue tonight.  Hope your weekend is a relaxing and creative one!


Anonymous said...

The onesies are adorable. Lucky babies.

I hope your studio dries out quickly.

susan strickland said...

Seeing the onesies make me want babies around...they really touch a Mother's heart.
Susan Strickland