Friday, August 15, 2008

Batik and Rust

I added the last color to the tulip batik this morning, and now it is batching away. Definitely a learning experience, not a masterpiece. I've got it upsidedown so the red will bleed towards the top.

In between a couple of hours of work, and some cleaning / laundry, I decided I wanted to try some rust dyeing. I found a small piece of overdye I did some time ago- a pale turquoise-y with subtle rust accents. I figured more rust would work just fine. I wanted to use a garden ornament Shannon bought DJ last year- something that was designed to rust! Then I added some rusty odd and ends I found in the garage. Apparently rust doesn't take long here. I soaked the fabric in vinegar, and have had to wet it twice to keep it damp- that just in the space of an hour or so.

I have lots more small pieces of this sequenced overdye, this may lead to something bigger.

This weekend it is the county fair, and Bentlee will be spending the weekend with us. So it will be a busy one.


Rayna said...

I think the tulips look great! What a lot of work - but it seems to have paid off.

Rayna said...

P.S. - I couldn't find your e-mail address but if you live anywhere near Grand Junction, CO, I'm going to be teaching there next May.