Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pain, pain, pain

I do not know what I did- but my right shoulder and upper arm got injured somehow, and I can barely use it. I'm living on pain pills, haven't been to work since Monday. Any sewing related activities- forget it, in caps. Even the thought of bearing down on a rotary cutter sends me off with howls of pain.

I can't sleep in our bed- I have to sleep on my back (which I hate), then my arm hangs down and hurts. All night. Last night I slept in DJ's chaise, with my arm propped, and did much better. So I will be there again tonight.

I went to a chiropractor Monday and today, and he's done some physical therapy. But today I darned near fainted when he was done, so I now have an appointment with an orthopedist on Monday. Here's hoping I survive until then.

I will never take my right arm for granted again. Showering, getting dressed, all those very necessary activities we do every day take me twice as long (if I can do them, some I can't).

The chiropractor keeps asking me what I was doing, probably trying to jog my memory. No auto accident, no fall or trip, absolutely nothing like that. The only thing I can think of is stirring a pair of Shannon's pants in a 5 gallon bucket dyebath, overdyeing them after she got pink bleach spots on them. If I hurt it then, I sure didn't feel it at the time.

So I guess I will be spending my time until Monday on the chaise, with books and TV, and my big ice bag handy. Whatever it takes t get my right arm back.

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Karoda said...

nasty nasty pain in such a tender area...monday probably seems like an eternity away so i hope the pain pills are working well...take care.