Sunday, August 31, 2008

Deconstructed Screenprinting

In the middle of batiking yesterday, I realized I would have a pot of thickened green dye left over. Not wanting to waste it, I grabbed the screen I so carefully taped last winter. Thickened dye, a rubbing plate, and time to allow the dye to dry, and here's what I ended up with:

I got up early this morning, and decided the green dye would work great with the turquoise fabric I discharged yesterday. So here are the first two pulls of the screen--

My daughter thinks this piece looks weird, funny, and unmatched. What do you think?

Then I grabbed a piece of white pfd, and did two more pulls. There was still lots of dye left on the screen, so I went through the stash, and decided this hand dye could use some more interest. I got four more pulls off the screen, and these were the results:

I wish I had more time today, because this is FUN!! I'll let those sit today, along with the sunflowers that got completely waxed, scrunched, and dark brown dye applied in the hopes I can get crackle. I'll steam all these pieces tonight, so more pics laer!!

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Karoda said...

I think you could have pulled more over the turquoise piece...maybe even turn the screen around to get some in opposing direction. But I love that pattern!