Friday, August 29, 2008

Looong Weekend!!

We'll just ignore the fact that it's the weekend that marks the end of summer. I'm hoping we have a nice, long autumn, to make up for the nonexistent spring. Like a month of weather in the 80's. Perfect.

I was going to get a lot done today artwise, but it's 4:30 and it ain't happening. So I'm resigned to getting the laundry done, kitchen cleaned, and maybe a few other housekeeping chores. I did some running around today, and did score some more goodies for batik--

An iron for dischage with thiox or discharge paste, and two more circle tools. That big pillar the iron is sitting on? That, my friends, is an end from a roll of plain newsprint. I scored FIVE of those for $5!! So I'm hoping to try my hand at fabric steaming this weekend!

And, best of all--

Rayna's book arrived this week!! I have been devouring it, it is a treasure trove of information and inspiration. I did manage to get two pieces waxed this morning, and having her book helped. I think I have an idea of how hot the wax needs to be for the best results, and I'm slowly getting better with the tjanting. i have my print paste made up, ready to go tomorrow morning. Here's one of the pieces I have waxed and ready to dye--

I also got some canvas at Joann's to make a press board or a print board, haven't decided yet.

Oh, yeah- the shoulder is much better. I had a bursitis attack, which the orthopedist said can happen out of the blue. Hopefully the week of Motrin 800's he prescribed will take care of the problem, because the next step is cortisone shots in the shoulder. Rather not, thanks, unless I absolutely have to.

I'll post more after I actually have so fiber related pics to post!

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