Saturday, August 30, 2008

Batiking Again!!

I've spent all day today in the studio, doing more soy wax batik. Both of the sunflower pictures are outside, for their last drying before I steam them. I did another piece of fabric with kitchen utensils, and did some discharge with discharge paste.

I used discharge paste once, a long time ago- the stench from the ironing was awful. The bottle of discharge paste has been sitting on my shelf ever since. Now that I have a steamer, no need to deal with the stench. I used some big foam stamps on a silk scarf I dyed a few weeks ago, on the turquoise not-so-hot piece I did at Anne Munoz's workshop in July, and a piece of black fabric I pulled out of my stash. Here's the black fabric before steaming, waxed and discharge paste applied with a sponge roller.

The three pieces spent twenty-five minutes steaming on our barbecue gril burner, and these were the results. The black turned a sort of gray, very different from discharge pieces I've done with dishwasher gel.

The turquoise, my least favorite piece from Anne's workshop--

And the green silk scarf, I think much improved with the leaf motifs--

While those were steaming, I started on the two sunflower pieces. Here's what they looked like after the first dye applications. I decided to use thickened dyes this time, hoping for more control of my lines. I think it worked.

And, lastly, just a fun piece batiked with a potato masher and a pastry blender. I started with bright yellow, added golden yellow, then went to Chinese red. I think I'm going to do one more color, that red is just too garish.

It's about dinner time. I'll steam the sunflowers and red piece after we eat. So, more pictures of the completed fabric tomorrow!

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