Saturday, September 06, 2008

Going Green in Utah

We headed up the hill to the Kite Fest this morning, and found out that it was much more than a celebration of kite flying. There was a large vendor area nicely set up in the camping spots, with all kinds of information about things green- everything from recycling to solar power to transportation. The company that set up the wind farm that is just up the road from our home was also there, touting their contribution to helping move the country towards energy independence. I figure that in today's political climate, even Utah- which is usually several years behind the coasts in anything- can't lag. I was happy to see it all, and even signed up for curbside recycling, which is just becoming available here.

Shannon tried a Segway, a personal transportation vehicle that I've seen law enforcement use.

I tried a recumbent bike- apparently I got out there quicker than Shannon could take a picture. I'm one of the far pair, on the right. The thing was fun to ride, and sure gave your legs a workout!

They had a kite group from Florida, that buzzed around the small reservoir with cool kites behind.

There was a kite flying area. This one was awesome, her feet moved like she was swimming.

And there was the Bali kite garden, with kites strung from the trees. Loved these!

Kids got to make their own small kites, and then try to fly them. Here's Lance and Jaden working on his.

Once done, both Jaden and Bentlee went out to try to get some air under their kites.

All in all, a fun and worthwhile morning!


Karoda said...

how cool is a kite festival!!! and the bikes...i would love to try it and the segway...i get soooo envious everytime i see someone on a motorized bike knowing they get around 80 miles per gallon!

Miles Johnson said...

Looks like a lot of fun! They have kite flying competitions on the beaches in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami yearly and are amazing to watch. Thanks for sharing the pictures.