Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hiking in Reno

Friday afternoon my brother and I took off hiking in the BLM land above our sister's property. I had been asking them about finding rusty stuff, and they remembered two old abandoned cars up there.

The first part was somewhat strenuous, but the views were worth it.

There have been fires on these hills in the past several years. The vegetation has begun to recover, but you can see the signs of the fire if you look closely.

I also happened to love the sinuous lines of this pinon stump. I took lots of pictures of sinuous sage and burnt pinon.

After hiking up quite a ways, you stumble on this--

It looks like a model from the 1950's, and it has been totally denuded of anything that could be taken.

I knew there was another car up there, so I kept on going. This one really looks out of place!

My brother in law says there was a road here at one point,but I sure couldn't find any evidence of it on this part of the hike.

I wasn't ready to turn back, so we decided to hike to the top of the next hill. It's always further than it looks! But we did make it up to the top, where there is a dry lake. It normally has water only in the spring, until about June. That red dirt on the left center is the lake bed.

That's where we turned around. Here's Paul- and there is evidence of a road up here! Not always easy hiking in that sand!

These hills are home to a couple of wild horse herds. Evidence of their presence was everywhere along the hike- I had to keep an eye on where I was stepping!

Well, blogger is starting to get fussy, so I'll save the rest of my photos for future posts.

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