Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weekend Finale

We did do something fun to end the summer. Three Dog Night played in concert at an outdoor venue close to home, the Scera Shell. It's an art organization that has been around since the Depression.

The concert itself was fun. We were all bundled up, since the weather took a cold turn. Lots of baby boomers, some that looked like the boomer's parents. And, like us, boomers bringing their own kids to hear the music. I firmly believe that we messed up a lot of things, but we did make the best music the world has seen, before and since. Just hearing it can take me back years.

The band definitely looks their age, but it didn't stop them from rocking the house. They did two versions of 'Mama Told Me Don't Come'- the original from 1972, and a 'rap' version which had the audience howling. All in all, it was a great show.

I did get one more piece worked on. A small butterfly quilt for Marly, that will be framed. Then she'll have a triptych for their office, two butterflies and a bird of paradise. Hopefully it will be completely done and on its way early next week.

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