Sunday, September 06, 2009

Lazy Long Weekend

Well, I did resolve the problem with the dyes. I took cobalt blue and yellow, with some Kona cotton I bought Monday, and did some much more structured experimenting. I started with the same recipe I used before- but instead of just plopping the fabric in, I brushed some on watercolor paper, and hit it with a hair dryer. Mmmm, too blue. I kept adding yellow, 1/16 teaspoon at a time, until I had the green tinge I was looking for. THEN I put the fabric in the dye.

The color is not exact, but it is close- and the difference I believe is due to differences between cerulean and cobalt blue. So, I finally have my background, and I learned some new tricks for mixing colors to match something I've done before.

I have noticed that my color sense has altered over the years. This piece has colors that I would not have dreamed of combining years ago.

I've also started auditioning the fabric for the other elements in the quilt. This part is still a work in progress.

We'll see how far I get on this today and tomorrow.

We had a lovely full moon Thursday night, and I managed to get this photo of it over the mountains just to the east of our home.

I'm still taking all kinds of pictures with my camera, just to see if I can. Friday we took the dogs out for a walk on the Spanish Fork river trail, and I got these shots of sunflowers.

Love the one with the grasshopper! I took several shots, and he never even moved.

Hope your long weekend is restful, fun, productive, creative- whatever you desire!


Rayna said...

Hooray - you got it! This is when a dye swatch book comes in handy, I see. This piece will be very dramatic - look forward seeing how it goes. Love your photos - what camera do you have? I can never get good close-ups with mine.

Quirky said...

You must have a fantastic camera to be able to take that picture of the moon! Does it have a "night sky" mode or something like that?

Beverly said...

For the record, I have a Penax K100D- a six megapixel digital SLR that I bought used at B and H Photo in New York. I'm learning that the number of megapixels isn't the most important factor in choosing a camera- this SLR is outperforming a point and shoot with ten megapixels, in my opinion. And yes, it does have a night shooting mode.