Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Studio Saturday

I have been in the studio since early this morning. I have most of the 'doors' quilted, and all the circles. Some of the doors were very insistent that they did not want to be quilted with just the geometric straight lines I started with. I listened, and have to admit they were right. Maybe I'll get the rest done tonight after we get back from a wedding receiption- we'll see.

I also washed out the hand dyes I did yesterday, and I'm really happy with the results. I got a Sabracon blue value parfait (sort of), and a color parfait with cerulean, turquoise, and grape--

two color parfaits, one with golden yellow, red-violent, and blue violet, and a the second with maroon brown, golden yellow, Palomino gold, deep yellow, and ecru. I can't tell for sure which is which, but they all go together really well. And the pictures don't do them justice, the variations on these pieces are beautiful.

But the prize goes to the two pieces of Radiance I dyed. This fabric is gorgeous, wonderful soft hand, and the silk side has a shimmer to it that I love. This piece is a little over a yard- made me think of the California wildfires.

The second is three yards, and should make me a lovely blouse. I used grape, Cerulean blue, and light red on it.

The two sides really do take the color differently. Here I've flipped over one side. It looks blue on the left (cotton) side, and lilac on the silk side.

If you ever see this stuff in a fabric store, grab it- it is worth the price!

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Quirky said...

They look fantastic!