Monday, September 21, 2009

What I Learned This Weekend. . .

---Turquoise dye REALLY does not discharge- no matter how long you cook it in Thiox! I was trying to un-dye a tee that I totally botched with the addition of gray over cerulean blue and turquoise. The gray is now light blobs of a sickly yellow, and the turquoise is still turquoise. A couple shades lighter, but that's all. I think I'm to the point of overdyeing it in a black or navy immersion bath.

---Turquoise doesn't come off silk scarves, either. I thinkI'll hit this one with grape next.

---Hand stitching can be a great relaxer. My 6 by 9 piece is well on its way, all by hand except the edges. And, I can take it to work and keep my hands busy during meetings- another bonus!

That's it, no pictures tonight. Later!

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Quirky said...

Hand stitching is the great mental stabilizer (or at least it is for me...)