Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a Day!

i keep a sort of journal next to the bed, where I note what art project I've worked on that day. For obvious reasons, most of the entries are weekends. When I went to write down everything I got done yesterday, I surprised even myself. And, all this was done in between phone calls from Sean with the latest updates about Michelle!

I got Magnification: Ginger Beer cut to size and stitched around the edges. The next step was the canvas- clearly, black would be the best background but I didnt' just want solid black paint. I did undercoat the canvas with black paint, but then I applied torn strips of black tissue paper with gloss gel medium. Here it is, just starting to dry--

and here all dry, with the edges turned to the back and more gel medium applied.

This gave me just what I wanted, texture.

I also got the sleeve made and sewn on the back of Passages I, and the labels for both pieces printed out and ready to be sewn on today.

I grabbed the tee and silk scarves I'd thrown in the Thiox bath last week, for anther round in the dyepots. I got a nice fire red and golden yellow scarf, another that's blue and violet, and the last one is camo or baby diaper poop, depending on your mood. I hoped to get the green I've gotten by mixing golden yellow and charcoal gray- but it doesn't work that way on silk, apparently. I may hit this one with another color, maybe the red.

The tee, and another I just got from Dharma, are in the washer now.

Mother and baby continue to do well, hopefully they will get to go home tomorrow. I'm glad they've got plenty of people who can come stay with Marly during the day until I get out there. Ten more days!

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Judy said...

that is a great idea on how to prepare your canvas using the tissue paper and gel medium...and added paint. I will try that on my next piece! Thanks for the idea!