Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Good Ones

Yesterday I posted the just ok snow dyes I got this weekend.  Today you get to see the three pieces that I thought were a cut above the others.  

This piece was on top of fire red dyed snow, with snow and ecru dye on top.  It looked like it was going to have a lot of white showing on it, so I dumped more ecru on it after the snow was half melted.


This looks really deserty to me- the greens are a pale sage, and the oranges are a bit less intense than they look- on my monitor, anyway.  It has lots of patterning on it.  This one was the Kona muslin.

The second Kona muslin is really springy- blue, lilac, and green- without looking muddy at all.

I think this one was in a jar with four fabrics and dye colors- blue, turquoise, yellow, and grape.   I think blue was on the bottom, then yellow, then turquoise, and last the grape dye.  Whatever it was, I like it.

The last piece is pima cotton, that was in a jar with cerulean blue, turquoise, and grape.  I see a cloudy sky, or a stormy sea.

Shannon and I drove to Ikea this afternoon- she got a comforter and fabric to make a duvet, I got a couple storage items for the studio.  I keep looking to see if there are ways to make the space more functional that are still within a relatively small budget.  I can dream, can't I??


Kay said...

Those really are lovely!

Karoda said...

I've concluded that organizing a work space is always an on-going project. I really love the first piece of fabric!

Karen S said...

Beautiful! I must have forgotten to warn you -- snow dyeing is addictive! Our snow will be all gone after this week. That's probably a good thing...