Saturday, March 06, 2010

More Snow Dyes!

I washed out the snow dyes I did yesterday- some are in the pile for more surface design others came out pretty interesting.  I've been reading lots of debate on blogs and on the Quiltart list about this process, what makes it do what it does, yada yada.  I don't think anyone has the skinny on it yet.

I used two different fabrics, the Kona muslin and some pima cotton I've been hoarding since I got it at Dharma almost five years ago.  The differences between the two were striking- the Kona is more subdued, the pima is bright and vibrant, even the turquoise.  And remember, all these dyes  are months old!

Here's some of the Kona--



 And here's the pima--

Quite the difference!  I did get three pieces that were absolutely unique and beautiful- two were Kona, and one is pima.  That's for tomorrow, folks!
I think I know how I'm going to do my March challenge.  It's more surface design than sewing- there's your tease for the month.

Good thing I jumped on that snow when we got it, because it's pretty much gone today.  Love those spring storms that just melt away in a few hours!

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Quilt or Dye said...

Good to know about the difference in fabric. So many little things make a difference when dyeing, don't they? I think I will always remain an "accidental" dyer because I can't remember (or remember to record) all the little things.