Saturday, March 13, 2010

Snow, Taxes and other Miscellaneous 

I'm glad the weather decided to cooperate yesterday when I was traveling to Park City and Salt Lake.  Yesterday, we were running around in the afternoon without a jacket- today, it is snowing again.  Sheesh!!!

I did some work on my Interpret This! piece for March-the teaser is on the blog.  Then I actually sat down and started taxes.  Can I just say I hate doing taxes?  Beyond that, not a lot going on here- laundry, some cleaning- just the sort of thing to be doing on a dreary Saturday.

I did get a couple of new books- Karen Britto's book on Shibori, and the new 500 Art Quilts Book.  There is definitely a lot of beautiful and interesting work in the latter book.  The shibori  book I've only skimmed through- I hope I can learn some stuff from it, even though she uses acid dyes on silk, not the fiber reactives I use.

It's now after 9- 10, if you've already turned your clock ahead.  Hope your weekend is a creative one!

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