Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Work

Which of course I can't show, since it's my Interpret This! piece.  I dyed a bunch of cheesecloth yesterday, trying to get some specific shades just using the dyes I have already mixed in the frig. I think I got the shades I need.

I also spent a good half hour rummaging through every bit of storage I have last night, looking for something I just bought at Superior Threads.  I wanted to try transferring my quilting design using Transdoodle.  I went through every drawer and closet cranny, looking for a flat package.  It finally dawned on me that it came in a long, skinny tube- so I'd put it in my tall metal container, where I keep rolled up pieces of interfacing and fusible.    I must have walked past it a dozen times in that half hour!!

The Transdoodle worked great!!  I have the design transferred, and I'm planning to get it quilted today.  I have one more storage solution I'm hoping to get into the studio, in the wet area.

So, that's my plan for today.  Hope you are having a creative weekend!

1 comment:

Rayna said...

a creative weekend? Maybe for an hour or two!
Is it spring there yet?
Look forward to seeing your Interpret This! piece.