Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Reveals Begin (and other assorted ephemera)

The March reveals for Interpret This! began today- and it looks like it is going to be an interesting group of interpretations already.  Mine is set to go tomorrow around noon- no last minute panic this month! Go take a look here, you'll enjoy the show.

I met with my WAQ group yesterday.  Suzanne shared what she'd learned during her recent workshop at Asilomar, and we saw some works in progress.  I got a mini-critique of my piece for Interpret This, and confirmation that one part wouldn't work.  Fortunately, I also had an aha! moment that provided the solution.

I also made a minor change on my February piece- but I think it improves it.  I changed the chopsticks so they look more like they are resting on the plates, and aren't just lined up together.  

Now I'd like to find some sort of bamboo hanger for it- I think it would look great on my studio door!

Hopefully my brain will kick into gear quck enough that I can come up with a piece for my 12 by 12 group- this time, the theme is green.  I'm going beyond the color to other meanings that word has acquired- and I know a piece of fabric I printed that I want to use.  We'll see.

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Rian said...

Check out the hangers over at They might be just the ticket.