Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grandma Update  (and the last of HMQS)

They have their luggage- got it this morning.  So now they are off to the mountains, where Sean is looking forward to some cooler weather while he enjoys getting to know the 'real' Colombia.

He posted some pictures on FB from their first day- it is so neat to be able to see some of what they are doing while it is happening.

I am excited- I found the dyeing book that explains metric in a way I can both understand and use.  Who would have thought that book would be 24 years old, and long out of print?  I got it through interlibrary loan, and then decided to heck with it, and ordered it off Amazon used books.  They got here on the same day.  Interestingly, the library book is the 1982 edition, my copy is the revised 1986 edition- so I've been looking to see what changes the author made.  What book is it?  Linda Knutson's Synthetic Dyes for Natural Fibers.  I now GET how to make a stock solution, and determine how much to use depending on the depth of shade wanted and how much my fabric weighs.  So now I am planning a whole new round of dyeing this summer, trying to develop a system that works for me for low water immersion with reproducible colors. 

As promised, here are the last of my photos from HMQS.  These are the 12 by 12 Project exhibit, one of several special exhibits at the show.  It was fun seeing my three pieces up there with the others.

The 'Blue' quilts are on the left, and mine is on the far left center.

These are 'Cold' and 'Frog'.  I don't have one in 'Cold'; my 'Frog' is on the bottom left.  Definitely different than the other interpretations!

And my favorite, Chaos'.  Mine is in the center, hard to see because it is so dark.

Since I actually got work hours on Saturday, I'm coming home early tomorrow.  I hope to get my IT! piece faced and done.

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Sandra said...

Thanks for posting more pictures from the 12by12 challenge--I didn't get a picture of my cold quilt hanging so I'm glad you did.
The exhibit looked great and it was nice to see how the pieces looked hanging as a group (quite impressive and cohesive). Wish we'd had time to visit. Take care.