Saturday, May 15, 2010

Grandma Worries (and a few more HMQS)

My son and his family flew to Colombia yesterday- his first trip there to meet Marly's family, and their first chance to meet baby Michelle.  Judging from the last 24 hours, this is not going to be an uneventful trip.  My first clue was the phone call I got yesterday morning asking me to access some information online.  The issue with Marly's ticket got straightened out, since I know they all got there late last night.  No thanks to me, I might add, since I never did figure out what Sean wanted me to see in this email.  Dumb mother.

Today (yes, Saturday) I was at a workshop related to my job.  Hey, it was very cheap CEU's, and I need them to keep my license current.  I got two phone calls from Shannon, which I did not answer.  Then on break I had a voice mail from someone I did not know, but who said she works with Sean- needing me to get on Facebook.  Ah, can't do that until afternoon when I am home.  At least she said she would try to get that message to Sean.  Apparently their luggage did not make it to Colombia with them- and one of the bags had all the baby's formula.  She has acid reflux, so it's not just any formula, I think.  Yikes!!

I'm home, I've been on Facebook.  There is a message about their luggage, but not much else.  And nobody there is online- so I have not a clue how all this is turning out.  I'm sure Marly had a lot of clothes and stuff for her and the baby, since they are staying til the end of June.

So while I sit here and worry and wonder, I will post more quilts.  Then I can make the frosting for DJ's birthday cake- we're celebrating tonight, although his birthday was two days ago.  And hopefully by then I will get some information.

This was my favorite of the two Barbara Barrick McKie quilts at the show.  The combination of the printed flower and the shiboried fabric just sang!

This one was part of an exhibit.  It's called Circling the Drain, and is her take on what is happening to printed newspapers.  I love the graphic quality of the red, white, and black.  Unfortunately, I don't have the artist's name.

Cynthia England (she of the incredibly intricate pieced quilts) had this in the show.  The detail is just amazing.

The rest of my photos are from the 12 by 12 project exhibit, the only thing I had at the show.  But I'll save that for the next post.  Time to frost a cake.


Rian said...

Wow, that Cynthia England piece is amazing. And the flower really pops out at you.

Good luck with all the other junk--hang on to your hat, it will all pass.

Kay said...

Sometimes technology just creates more problems, doesn't it? In the old days you would never have known any of this till it was past, and they had worked it out. I hope you understand what I mean, and that I'm not belittling your concern.

Thanks for the quilt posts--very interesting.