Monday, May 31, 2010


Shannon and I had a wonderful time in Moab, visiting my friend Phyllis and just enjoying the sun and warmth.  The weather was perfect- sunny but not too hot, and just enough of a breeze to feel good.  DJ missed all this- he's been fighting off a sinus infection, and just didn't feel good enough to come.

You could tell it has been a wet spring here- there were wildflowers and green in the desert on the drive down in places that are usually bone dry.  It made it very easy to just relax and not rush while we drove, let the other holiday maniacs pass and leave us behind.

Saturday morning we went to the art festival.  It was nice, we had fun walking around the different vendors- but I did not take any pictures.  There was the same lady with tie dye clothes from last year (she needs to learn about values, everything she makes is intense or dark colors), and another pair who did some nice discharge on black clothing from Dharma.  There was lots of jewelry, none of which jumped into my hands, and a few painters.  I ended up buying a picture from a young lady who does layered photography that was quite cool, and another photograph from a glass artist who has macro photos of his process.  That's it.

Sunday we drove out to Red Cliffs Lodge, fifteen miles off the highway next to the Colorado River.  The drive is spectacular, and the ranch is spectacular too.  We had their barbecue lunch, the walked around some.  They also have a winery, so we sampled a fews and each came home with a bottle.

We had lunch just to the right of the teepees- this picture is taken from the deck of the lodge restaurant, which has fantastic food to go with this view.

This is the wine tasting building, with vines next to it.  That building is new since we were last here two years ago; they used to have the wine tasting in the lodge.

After the wine, we walked down to the river and watched some people take off in kayaks or inflatable rafts.

Can you think of a better way to spend a sunny afternoon?  Although I wouldn't have wanted to end up in the water, it was cold.

I couldn't resist getting a picture of this cactus in bloom next to the lodge.

Even something as dangerous looking as this cactus can have beautiful flowers!  And how about this globe mallow- they were growing all along the side of the road.

Just a wonderful, relaxing two days.  Today, I've been trying to get started on a sewing project, and get the last bit of laundry done.  The insanity that my June schedule is begins tomorrow.


Libby Fife said...

That scenery is just really beautiful and so very different than what I am used to seeing. That flatness of that rock really interests me.

Glad you had a relaxing time and that it was warm. Sounds like June is going to be squirrely:)

Karoda said...

I couldn't agree more with Libby about the view...with a view like that, I'd be a landscape quilter.