Friday, June 04, 2010

I knew it!

We had a cold, wet spring- then today, wham!!  It's hot, and the weather report says we'll be in the 80's for the next week.  No spring in Utah!

One good thing about the heat, it is perfect for dyeing.  So I'm doing  nine yards of gradated overdyes today, using recipes I'm developing, nothing from a book.  And I'm trying something new to see what kind of texture it gives me.  Hopefully pictures of beautiful fabric tomorrow.

We have the new picture for June's Interpret This!  I have to jump on it, June is a crazy month for me.  I've already dinked around in PSE with the picture--

Love all the green, don't think I will ever tire of the color.  And the gradated overdyes I'm doing will be greens, so some might work for this.  I also see a chance for embellishment with those flower spikes .

I also have to pick my picture and send it to Libby by mid-month.  Sean and Marly posted some cool photos from Colombia, so I may use one of them.  We'll see.  With 6000- plus photos on my hard drive, I don't lack for choices.

That's it for now, time to start dinner.  Hopefully more tomorrow.

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Kay said...

Hmmm. I've been doing some photoshop stuff too; I have another idea that's totally different from that though and haven't made up my mind.