Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's been a cool, rainy, dreary day here--

so I stayed busy inside.  I think I'm liking this list thing- it helped keep me on track, and it feels good to check off stuff as it's completed.  All the housework is done, laundry done, and I washed out the yard of fabric I dyed yesterday.  I worked on my packing list for Colorado, and got a lot of the packing done.  That means I will have most of tomorrow to finish my piece for IT!

I really like what came out of the dyepot, although it is very different from the red/green piece.  There the two colors stayed separate, there's no brown on it.  Not the case with this one--

I can see this in a Southwest inspired quilt.  The brown is a warm, earthy toned, and the turquoise just glows against it.  Look at some of the patterning--

I may have to try this on some pimatex, and see how that affects the colors.

Thought I'd share some photos from the Laura Cater-Woods workshop I was at Monday and Tuesday.  It was at the Pioneer Craft House in Salt Lake, a venue familiar to many USDG members, but I'd never been there.  They are in the process of renovation, but were very helpful in making the workshop a success.  Here it is from the outside--

And here we are in the room, some of us working with our sewing machines, others not.  It was a lovely, relaxing workshop, and I'd highly recommend Laura to anyone- at least anyone who likes process oriented workshops rather than project oriented.

Kind of interesting working in a room with all those historical artifacts.

It's getting late, I'm heading upstairs.  Shouldn't have too much on the list for tomorrow!

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Rayna said...

Laura's workshops are always lovely and relaxing. Glad you enjoyed it. Your fabrics came out gorgeous this round!