Sunday, June 27, 2010

More from Grand Junction

We took a bit of a break the second afternoon to do some 'show and tell.'  Since we did overdyeing, everyone had to wash out fabric we'd done the first day in preparation for the second.  Some washed out more than the fat quarters for overdyeing- it was so much fun to see how everyone's fabric turned out.

Terri  shows off one of her parfaits.  She also had a talent for making fabric that reminded me of the tie dyes of my teenage years!

Another Terri with what I think is a parfait, also.  Do you see the three foxes that everyone in the group saw?

Mary got some lovely results with different ways of manipulating the fabric- larger pieces, too.

Susan, my hostess, is hiding behind her fabric.  I love what she got with grape and yellow!

I can't remember who did this gorgeous piece- Jeannette is getting a closeup look.

Gjeneve not only dyed fabric, she was throwing thread and other snippets into the dyepots.

I think Jan got this stunning piece of fabric.  It really looked like an adobe wall, and that orange just glows.

Christie did some wonderful large pieces of fabric.  She got markings on this one that were really unusual.

This is just a sampling of what was created the first day- everyone was exhausted, but happy with what they created.  I don't have any pictures of Carole's fabric, but she posted a lot on her blog- here's the link

As for the dyers- Betsy definitely got the prize for most colorful dyer at the end of the day!!

What better way to spend a couple of days!!


Karoda said...

the piece that looks like an adobe wall to you reminded me of a volcano eruption.

Rian said...

Cool stuff. Very. Those fabrics just beg to be whole-cloth quilted, don't they?