Friday, June 11, 2010


I have been busily running around and getting myself organized to leave Wednesday afternoon for Grand Junction.  I'm really looking forward to spending two days playing with dyes and fabric with AQuA members!  Saturday I'll get to attend the monthly meeting, then leave to come home.  It should be a nice respite from work and all that.

I do have one piece of fabric marinating in the dyepot today.  I was so fascinated with the results I got with the red and green piece, I had to try it with another set of complements- so I did turquoise and orange, which I toned slightly before adding it.  We'll see, just like the red/green pot, the dye liquid looks like mud.

I have finally made the last revision to my handout, and have most of the equipment I need for the dyes.  I've started my packing list.  One day into it, and I'm thinking the best 'take-away' I got from Laura Cater-Woods was the idea to write down every night what you need to finish the next day.  Then you don't need to worry about it any more, since it's written down!  My memory is such Swiss cheese any more, I know I've remembered something important in the middle of the night, only to forget it again in the morning.  We'll see if keeping this up improves my sleep!

I'm enjoying a glass of wine as I write this.  In a bit I think I will go downstairs (to the printers), print off my last revision, and put all the handouts in their baggies while I watch another episode of Upstairs, Downstairs.  That series is turning out to be every bit as addictive as I knew it would be.

Tomorrow, we'll see how the turquoise/orange piece turned out.  Til tomorrow--

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Libby Fife said...

Not to add to the list but I have also read that keeping a notepad and pencil by the bed is a good way to actually write something down. Let me know if it works will you please?