Saturday, June 26, 2010

Welcome Home. . . 

I finally got to sleep in my own bed on Thursday night-- but some of the "welcome" wasn't all that welcome.  Shortly before I left for Grand Junction, we had an appliance repair man come and fix the water and ice mechanisms on our frig that had broken about a year ago, and we'd disconnected.  Having decided that we wanted automatic ice again, we paid a nice chunk of change to have it repaired.  I made no bones with the repairman about how paranoid I am about another flooding incident.

Shannon called me late Sunday night, saying there was water in the furnace room in the basement, right next to her room and closet.  Further investigation revealed that the frig was leaking AGAIN, and had been probably from the day it was "fixed."  Her closet carpet was soaked, as was the carpet in my fabric storage closet under the stairs.  Not just wet, but soaked!  We did manage to get a second repairman out to the house on Monday, so at least the cause of the leak was fixed.  And he confirmed that the first job had been incorrectly done, a line was not properly connected.

So this is what I can home to in the studio- with a deadline looming, and a few bit left to do on my IT! piece--

The carpet is ripped up in both closets, the padding removed, and fans on the carpet so it will dry out.  The owner of the appliance repair company is supposed to contact me Monday.  All I know is that I'm not paying for the damage that the first repairman caused.  

So I've spent a couple of hours hauling my fabric and stuff into the adjoining family room, and stacking it up.  Maybe I'll take advantage of this to do some culling, who knows.  I can't move the fabric back to the closet til who knows when- so the family room will be looking like a disaster zone for awhile.  But at least I can work now.

More pictures later from the workshop in Grand Junction--


Rian said...

Such a problem. I am sorry for your troubles--I can't imagine anything worse. Our neighbors had this happen while they were gone and had to have their house completely remodeled, as all the carpets and wood flooring were ruined, and the water wicked up the cabinets in the kitchen, so they replaced those and some furniture. Their insurance paid for everything. Hopefully that will happen for you.

Kay said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry! These things seem to be a constant problem. You're the third or fourth person I know who has had trouble.
We had friends whose experience was like Rian's friends. Hope it will be insurance covered.

Karoda said...

Damn, how annoying and disruptive to have to return home and deal with this mess! Hopefully the insurance will adequately cover all that needs to be the company that screwed up the repair's to AngiesList!

Libby Fife said...

That really sucks. I am sorry about that-seems like more than just a hassle. Hopefully though you won't have to pay-even still. Did I say that sucks?