Sunday, March 02, 2008

After spending the better part of Sunday afternoon stitching---

I have decided that my idea for the snow-covered landscape is not going to fly,and I'm not willing to invest any more time in it. I got all the machine embroidery done, and it just looks flat and not so interesting.

The challenge concept for March is much more up my alley, the microscopic view rather than the 'big picture'. I spent some time looking through my photo galleries, and had quite a few I could run with- lots of flower closeups, but other choices too.

What do you do when a piece is not meeting your expectations? Do you keep plugging away, hoping that more work will make it successful? Or are you willing to abandon a piece mid-stream? and, if you do abandon a piece, what do you do with those UFO's?


Nellie's Needles said...

mmmmm....for a piece that's not working, my philosophy is to take it further ... cut it up or add paint, pastels, or layers.

Feather on a Wire said...

I keep it for at least a year before I really take it beyond redemption (ie in the trash or cut up or whatever). I normally find there's someone out there who thinks my failure is their jumping off point.

Liz said...

I put it away for awhile . . . sometimes for quite awhile. Sooner or later I will come across it while searching for something else. At that point, it will either show me what it needs and I can finish it, or I fold it up and put it back. I NEVER throw things away. LOL! Just recently I've started taking UFOs apart - or cutting them up - for new projects. That's just too cool!