Sunday, March 23, 2008


that is how I am feeling. I did play with inking the printed images yesterday. Two came out OK, one I totally botched with the inks bleeding much more than I'd intended. And, I just haven't had the oomph to do the threadwork.

I've looked at what I've done the past couple of months, and it feels like I have flitted from project to project. The first two TIF challenges were fun and stretched me to some degree, this months' just hasn't been the same. I go down to the studio and look, piddle, maybe clean a little of the mess, but nothing major gets accomplished. I think I've wasted more time than I can justify on the computer, and I've certainly become a political junkie with CNN. The news this past week certainly didn't help me feel better, with the possible exception of the rally in Oregon on Friday.

I have the BLAHS, ideas aren't coming, and I've not been able to summon the emotional and physical energy to push beyond it yet. I know this is part of the creative cycle- but that doesn't help me in the moment for some reason. I look at the snowy mountain piece, and like Nellie's idea of turning the "bones" into an ortwork- but it's not gone beyond the thinking stage. And I really need to get moving again on my tree!

How do you move beyond the slumps and blahs? We all get them. As much as I'd like to, I know I can't blame it on the fact I have a full time job that also saps my energy. HELP!! What can I do to get moving again?


Liz said...

Feeling uninspired and blah can be very frustrating. I hope you can break through soon. I can't say these are the "answer" but I recently came across a couple of creativity sites that might help. They can't hurt!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I had the slump (baaaad) a while back and now know a trick I can share.:start to play in another medium. And I mean play.Dont go for perfect, just experimant with the craziest stuff and spread your creative wings. All of a sudden things start to grow from the experiments and you`ll start aching to start again.I did my experiments with paper,cardboard, gels and inks,acrylics etc. Made some junk and some really good stuff. And now I am behind my Bernina again and creating like crazy.Have fun!! Donata

Lora Martin said...

I had a slump that lasted almost a year. Yikes! Never did figure out what caused it, but what really got me out of it was taking a class at the local adult education about well-known artists and their development over time. It was great to be exposed to what inspired others. I kept blank paper nearby and scribbled and sketched during class. Somehow this helped me get back to work.
If you have Netflix, you might order a bunch of DVDs about creative people in many mediums. "The Sketches of Frank Gehry" has some wonderful insights.