Sunday, March 30, 2008

More hand-dyes--

The second set of sequenced overdyes is done. I did the first dye run with Dharma's Light Red, and the second with Sky Blue. I used the exact same process as with the previous fabric- and this one came out more heavily patterned. There are more distinct areas of blue and red, rather than violet shades. Just goes to show that the dyes sometimes have a mind of their own. But I do know that if I want values of violet in the future, I will probably buy the single shade Grape dye that Dharma sells. Take a look, tell me what you think--

Not that I don't like these, but they are more distinctly patterned than I would have anticipated.

Nellie, I'm getting another collection of threadies from this and previous dye sessions. Need any more for the ortworks?

I need to clean up the studio this weekend, we are heading off to Moab on Saturday to visit a friend. Hope your week is a good one!

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Nellie's Needles said...

For ME? Yeah! Yippee! Happy Dance!