Saturday, March 15, 2008

Two Great Days. . .

full of quilting stuff, and about which I cannot post a single picture!

Our Wasatch Art Quilters group met on Friday. Suzanne went to Asilomar earlier this month, and took a class from Kerby Smith and Lura Swartz Smith. We learned some cool hints for Photoshop Elements, and dabbled with using the Tsukineko inks over photos printed on fabric. I've never been happy with the inks when I've tried to use them, so learned some valuable tips. However, I still think paints, dyes, paintstiks, and wax pastels will remain my favored way of adding color to fabric. I just feel like I have more control with them- and with the dyes, the serendipity factor is one of the things I love about dyeing!

Then today, a small group of quilters was treated to a class by Charlotte Warr Anderson of Salt Lake. It was all about geometric quilting designs,, and there were some awesome ones. This is the area I feel I still have the most to learn, so I soaked it all up. Getting to see the quilt that won Best of Show at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, 'Star Crossed', was great. The quilt looks awesome in the photo on her website, but it is even more impressive in person. I now have lots of practicing to do, and figuring out how to put this new information to good use.

I have not posted a thing about the March TIF challenge. I have thought about some ideas, and ended up rejecting all of them. The palette Sharon picked is just too wintry for me, and not enough contrast.

But I did come up with an idea that is a little different take on my first idea. I might even be able to use the colors, or at least some of them. Time for the sketchpad, and this one would also involve a thermofax screen or printed fabric. We shall see, I will have to work quickly on this one.

Hope your weekend was a fun as mine!

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