Monday, March 03, 2008


I appreciate the comments on what you do with pieces that don't seem to be going where you want. Interestingly, two artists talked about adding more layers or cutting it up. I am absolutely not opposed to cutting up unsuccessful work- I just wonder if more abstract pieces would work better at that. Or, I could end up with a very abstract landscape! I may play around with my inks, see if some pale gray shadows could add some dimension. And I like the idea of just letting it sit for awhile, maybe later it will speak to me and tell me what it needs. Probably in mid-July when it is 90 degrees outside!!

So now I am reconsidering what to do for my PIF piece. I have a few ideas incubating- I just know I want it to be quality work. And the landscape I think will spend some time in the closet, until I'm ready to give it another chance at completion.

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