Monday, March 31, 2008

March TIF Completed!!!

After a lot of dithering, thinking, and just plain agonizing, I decided that this project is my March TIF. It's a small book, covered with fabric that I created and embellished. The challenge was about the details of life- what could be more emblematic of a busy life than a book to keep track of all the details??

And the back of the book--

The fabric is one of the pieces I painted with Setacolors and bleeding tissue paper last summer- see my blogpost from July 16, 2007. Then I used several different colors of Shiva paintstiks over a rubbing plate which I overlapped quite a bit. The shapes are hand-dyed silk organza (fused with MistyFuse) that I machine quilted. Lastly, I embroidered some seed stitching, using a hand-dyed floss that was a gift from Ferret in the UK. The colors are probably indicative of how color-starved we are in the desert southwest by March, and hungry for spring.

The crochet cotton I used to bind the book is also hand-dyed- I did four different values in the blue dye-pots from this weekend, and used the one that coordinated the best.

Not only is this my March TIF, it also will be part of the Pay It Forward package I will be sending to Kimmi. I hope you like it, Kimmi!

Now I can focus on getting the studio cleaned up before we leave for the weekend!

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